The Boost of now


CP NVST - the easily accessible investment plan from Creutz & Partners based on its two award winning funds.

Our easiest solution

We have set up the CP NVST investment plan so that you can participate in the performance of our funds as easily as possible.

CP NVST opens the door to world-class investment opportunities for a new generation of investors by simplifying access and linking provision with an exciting experience in the now. It’s a personal investment product backed by independent expert advice with 25 years of experience in the family business.

During our first conversation, we will determine the potential and risk tolerance of your investments: Which investor type are you, and which investment mode do you prefer? You always, even when already set up and running, have the opportunity to invest or withdraw, to acquire shares in the fund or to sell them.

The terms and conditions are similarly clear in structure: You can invest a one-time amount of min. €25.000,00 or/and min. €250,00 per month, without any additional charges.

Delivering performance in the now, while already providing for tomorrow!

Our youngest product

The CP NVST application allows you to view your current holdings anytime and receive messages in your mobile inbox. The app is available for download for all iOS and android smartphones or tablets.


Single Point of Contact

True to our motto »one face to the customer«, you will always have just one contact person at our firm, who is responsible for communicating with you and who can use cutting-edge tools to provide information on the performance of your assets. Aside from accurate reports, you can also receive daily updates, if desired.
Trust is good—because you’re always in control.

From the time you open your investment until you close it, you will receive all-round support from your CP NVST relationship manager. And all that without initial or closing fees.
Good service is always included!

Hard Facts

Individual contact person


Fees for account opening


One-off investment

Yes (starting at €25.000,00)

Monthly savings

Yes (starting at €250,00)

Contract period / Contractual commitment


Investment in our funds


Initial charges


Redemption fee


Transaction fees


Annual management or administration fees


Min. 1x annual reporting


Switching between funds


Closing costs


How to open an account

Contact us via phone or e-mail

We'll explain CP NVST in a personal meeting

Receive your contract documents

We'll take care of the paperwork and registration

Personal guidance through the final steps

Receive your signed contract documents by post

Receive app access after your intitial purchase

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