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The Art of Asset Management

The foundation for handling assets rests on skill and independence: Every one of the portfolio and securities experts at Creutz & Partners is an expert who has learned his or her skills on the trading floors of global stock exchanges. These experts have worked for years to monitor expected performances, which are reflected in the structure of our funds.

Our experts and our funds are the foundation of your CP NVST investment plan.

Creutz & Partners

At Creutz & Partners, we always have constant up-to-date information about the strength, quality, and performance of our funds at hand— which means you do too. This strength is the result of the large degree of independence of our fund managers, who make strategic decisions in your best interests on the trading floors around the world.
This means: Declared independence for your investment plan CP NVST.

An investment in CP NVST provides you with shares in our award-winning funds. After that, you really don’t have to worry about a thing — because, true to Creutz & Partners´ credo »nobody is more conservative than we are.«, we take comparatively few risks during the pursuit of the goal ‘preserving and growing of your assets’, so that personal wishes for financial independence, success, peace of mind and simplicity are within your grasp.

The value of our funds

Buying shares is a smart choice for anyone wishing to take advantage of growth prospects when making investments.

Shares have proved to be a superior form of investment, especially in the long term, and are increasingly becoming the basic investment for pension provision and wealth creation. Our funds enable you to invest in fund units which are professionally managed and widely diversified in accordance with the tried-and-tested Creutz & Partners management philosophy.

Our Manifest

Your future is now.
In your now you create your future.
We are your partner, your companion – we provide for you,
together with you.

As passionate investment experts, we have great respect for the individual success of you, our clients. We believe performance is a question of mindset, the will to work hard for your ideas.

From you, the athletes, entrepreneurs and creators of tomorrow, we learn what commitment means. How each individual can rise above, overcome resistance and create new values. Always at your individual pace.

People who are fully focused on their self-determined life need a partner who is focused on their wealth. So you can deliver your very best in the now, while already providing for tomorrow.


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